” You still have time to think about your decision. ” Aarti said.
” No, I don’t want to live in this city more. Please Aarti I know you will be left alone but you have to understand this fact. ” I requested.
” No, its not about me its about you. ” Aarti explained.
”  I will handle myself. My parents have agreed with me and they are going to give me some money and even I have saved some good amount and I can buy a small house there in Mumbai with those money. ” I said and started packing my bags.

At night when I saw Aarti has slept I took out my note pad and started writing.
Dear Aarti,
                 I always heard Delhi is Dil walo ki Delhi but you know actually this place has broken me. Daksh cheated me being my best brother. He used me. Because of this depression I became ill and my year got wasted. You know I was so scared to even get a paper back and that little girl got a year back. I am not so good in handling rejections. You know , you have been a good friend of mine. Actually my soul mate. You could save me from everything and I will love you forever. Let me tell you one secret , please do not get angry. After I knew Daksh truth and about my result that I detained I decided to end up my life. I was on roof when my phone rang , it was my mother call who said they love me too much and my result doesn’t effect them. I will always be their sweet heart. They still love me and are waiting to see me. After listening to this, I realized how much wrong i was going to do with them. I was ashamed of my decision. I returned back to room and decided to live for myself, for my precious parents. I have made myself strong but repeating in same school will hurt me more. If I remain in this city, every day some old friend will give their views and I will be hurt more. I want to forget Daksh , I want to forget everything bad that happened with me in this city. I hope you will forgive me. Don’t worry dear, I will be back because you know I believe in taking revenges because neither am I god who forgives everyone nor I have some magic through which I can know who is sorry by heart. I won’t leave Daksh so easily but let me become more powerful. I will miss all our funs and night out. Do miss me too.

Yours most cutest friend

I kept this letter beside Aarti’s mobile. I checked time. It was 5:10 am. Only 50 minutes more in this city. I went to balcony. I could see people getting ready for morning walk. I took my bag and with heavy heart bid a silent good bye to Aarti and to this city. I had tears in my eyes but I had to be strong. I went to my parents. They were happy to see me. I then went to Mumbai took admission in a new school and started a new life trying forgetting my past and making good memories in present for a happy future.


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– Nidhi



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