I was sitting beside my little boy Ansh and was doing my writing works. Suddenly Ansh woke up and started crying. I tried to divert his mind but he was not ready to stop crying. I took him in my arms and roamed here and there. I took him in his play room between various soft toys but Ansh tears were not stopping. Seeing my child in pain, I was more in pain. He is my life. Being his mother I must solve all his problem but I am not getting what actually his problem his. I checked his pant and changed his clothes.  I did every possible thing so that Ansh stop crying but he didn’t. The last option I thought to try is to call Ansh’s girlfriend. Yes yes little Ansh has a girlfriend too. I thought may be seeing his companion he will stop crying. I called Payal. Payal was my classmate and after marriage co incidently we settled in same area. She said not to worry as she is bringing Ananya within 10 minutes. I was waiting for Payal.
As soon as the door bell rang I rushed to open it. Payal had brought Ananya’s toys too. After seeing Ananya also there was no change of mood of Ansh. I was worried now. I now decided that I must take Ansh to doctor. I may be not understanding and Ansh would be having some inner pain. I lifted Ansh again. I was getting ready when I saw Payal changing Ananya napkins. I out of curousity asked Payal about the same. She was surprised by my question.
”  Do you always change when Ansh does his clothes wet ? ” Payal enquired.
” Yes. ” I replied back.
” We were finding the problem everywhere and the problem is so small. ” Payal said.
“What ? ” I did not understand.
” Every second you are not with Ansh. When his clothes get wet you don’t change them at same minute. That wetness irritates the child and they cry. Even I had the same problem with Ananya. Thanks to Internet so that I came to know about Pamper baby dry pants. ” Payal said.
”  Do they really work ? ” I questioned.
” Yes yes. Trust me. They do work. They keep our little ones dry for 12 long hours. ” Payal explained and handed me one of them which she always keep in her bag for Ananya.
I quickly changed Ansh clothes and made him wear Pamper Baby Dry Pants and what a surprise within 15 minutes Ansh was playing like before with Anaya. He came rushing to Payal demanding for chocolates. I was now relaxed. Ansh was happy and comfortable and seeing him enjoying I was satisfied. I thanked Payal for telling me this and I even informed my relatives too who had little child or who were about to deliever one. Pamper Baby Dry did it magic. ! 🙂

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– Nidhi


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