A true story !

” How will I tell my parents that I wasted so much because I trusted a wrong guy. For me Daksh was my best brother. My superb brother. Yes, he was not my blood relation but for me he was. I am only daughter of my parents and they have so much expectations from me. ” I was thinking all this sitting alone in my room and my best friend ( Samira) came to pick me up for tution.
” I do not want to go. ” I said.
” Why ? ” My mother questioned.
I did not had answer to her question so i quietly woke up and got ready and went to question.
” What happened ? ” Samira asked.
” Nothing ” I was ignoring her.
” Don’t you trust me. ” Samira was showing her concern.
How can I share this with her. She always used to warn me. I was so stupid and did not listen to her. Today she proved that she was right and I was wrong. I had tears in my eyes.
” Lets go for a coffee. ” Samira said.
I nodded a yes and we both went to the nearest cafe.
“What happened ? ” She asked again.
” Samira, I am broken. ” I cried.
” Please tell me the whole thing. ” She was worried now.
” You always used to ask me that from where I used to help Daksh and I would not tell you. Today i will tell you all honestly. ” I spoked.
Samira held my hand tight.
” I used to come school by walking and save those bugs and whenever Daksh needed, I would give him. I bought second hand mobile for myself and saved rest of money. I tried cutting down my expenses for his benefits. I started using ball pens rather than gel pens so that I can save a bit from there. In a month where I used to eat pizza twice, I did not eat it even once. ” I cried.
” I knew you were in pain. ” Samira said.
”  What problem Daksh has now ? ” Samira questioned.
” Now I am in problem ” I said.
Samira mouth was wide opened.
” He always lied me. He was never in any problem. When he told me that he had an accident and his parents would scold him , I gave him money but actually no accident happened. He took that money to fulfill his wishes. When he told me that he is sick and his parents are not here, he need money to buy medicines at that time he needed money to buy gifts for his girlfriend. ” I cried as much as I could.
” How did you know all this today ? ” Samira inquired.
” Actually, Daksh called me today and told that he had taken money from one of his friend long back. Today that friend has given him warning that if he did not repay back today he is gone. I was so scared to listen this and I sold my gold ring and gave money to Daksh. Vishal bhaiya ( senior of ours ) saw me giving money and asked me the reason. I told him the exact story. He lives near Daksh home and he told me that I am a fool and I am trusting a wrong guy. ” I spoke all in a go.
” Have a glass of water. ” Samira said.
” He took me with him and saw me the real Daksh today. He took money and went to bar and spent in all on drinks with his friend. I told honestly Vishal bhaiya everything and then he told yes I heard all this but i never knew it was you. ” I finished.
” See I always warned you. ” Samira was angry now.
”  I know, but you too know he really cared for me like his sister. I always thought that you are misunderstanding him. ” Tears were not ready to stop.
” Relax. Now. ” Samira said.
” How can I ? I sold my ring. I will be scolded so much. ” I said.
“Go home now and try hiding your hand in front of your parents. We will do something till tomorrow. ” Samira consoled.
While leaving cafe I messaged ” Thank you Vishal bhaiya ” and switched off my mobile.
I was returning home alone. I was in guilt. Many people tried saving me but I was foolish. I never knew Daksh was just using me and my innocence.
I had decided that I would end up my life now. I knew that loss of money won’t affect my parents much even after being poor but when they will know that their lil girl was used they will break.
I had decided I won’t live now. I will end up my life and I saw a labor sitting with his wife beneath a tree smiling and enjoying life. I went to them and asked are you really happy with your life.
” Yes, we are. ” The man said.
His wife was eager to know why I asked this. She directly questioned me. I did not share with her but I don’t know if they were God in the form of labor or God had send them for me so that I stop commiting such a big sin.
They explained me what actually life and happiness is. Money, comfortable life, lavishing living are all which goes one day. End of the day you will be having your loved ones beside you. They explained me the importance of life and family and I realised what i was going to do.
I went home and told my parents everything truly about Daksh. They had tears in their eyes but that were happy tears because they had their daughter with them. They went to thank that labor near the tree but they were gone and were not found there.
Next day, I found a gold ring in my fingers again and saw my parents smiling and I ran and hugged them forgetting my past.

Written for Indiblogger.in contest for https://housing.com/lookup

– Nidhi



  1. This is the second time I’ve read this Nidhi! Exactly after a year and it still had the same effect on me 🙂 We all are born to learn from our own mistakes.

    You are a profound writer 🙂 God bless you!

    Liked by 1 person

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