” Dad, please bring me a pair of pen. I need to complete my assingments. ” I shouted.

” Ok,  I will bring them in 10 minutes but you have passed your 10th class examination and still you always want a helping hand. ” My dad was angry on me.

I just heard this and ignored it totally.  I knew how many times he would scold me for the same reason I won’t ever change a bit because I am totally dependant on others.

He brought my pens and I completed my work.  I slept around 2am so I woke up late.  I missed my bus because of this and rather than taking a auto to my school and I returned back home from bus stand and told my dad to drop me to school.

This act of mine made my parents more angry. I never wanted to do a single work alone.  If I had to make projects,  I would request my dad to bring information from internet,  would pleade in front of my mother to bring the materials. Even for a small recharge,  I would call my friend and would pay her the next day.  I was used to all this.  Even in my parents teachers meeting,  this was the only topic to be discussed between them.  My mother would also ignore many times but my father he wanted to change this act of mine.  He was now fully determined for the same.

One fine day,  when I was in my school my teacher came and informed me that your house is set on fire and you need to rush home as soon as possible.  I was so scared to listen this. I requested my principal so much to send one of my friend along with me but she denied and kicked me out of her room.  That was the first day,  I tried going to my home alone.  I hired an auto.  Many bad thoughts were running in my minds.  What if this auto driver takes me somewhere else,  what if he was drunk.  The whole way I was continuously chanting Hanuman Chalisa. I safely reached my area.  I was surprised to see that there no accident happened.  All was fine there.  I rushed upstairs and saw my parents smiling. I was double shocked to see them smiling rather than asking me why am I so early here.

” Why are you both smiling?  ” I questioned.

” I was so much scared. ” I uttered.

I was about to tell them why I came so early but surprisingly they said that we know why you are here.

Then I saw my teacher behind me.

I was getting shock after shock every minute.

My mother then told me that it was our plan so that you can learn to be independent.  Your father along with your teacher made this plan as you never wanted to do things alone.  We explained you so much that we will not be with you always but you always ignored and so we thought to teach you a lesson, my teacher added.

I hugged my parents and realised my mistake. It has been 5 long years to this incident but now I am totally independent.  I do all my works on my own. A small lie of my father guided and encouraged me to grow into a better and self-reliant person.

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