Lalima Yadav is a blogger, lyricist, an
international poetess and an Indian
author. She is the youngest author of
the state Uttarakhand and also the
first female writer. Her poetry book
based on the theme social issues “We
the people – behind a veil” created the
loud buzz in the hearts, minds, literary markets, schools, colleges and book stores. Currently, she is a M.Sc. Chemistry student by day and a writer by night. She crafts her verses of rhymes and prose with a theme “Penning down with a view”. She is the causative poetess of SPRING POETRY, Heavenly hymns’; POETS SHOWCASE- 2014, TOFLR (orange frame literary review), and American Contemporary Poetry Digest. In addition, she is the contributing author of the book CRUSH-an incomplete heartbeat, As a beginning for a beginner, Winged heart, and Anecdotes of love.

Ques. 1 : Writing for you is ………………??
Ans. : Writing is love. Reason to live. Happiness.

Ques. 2 : What do your prefer to write more ? Short stories or poems.
Ans. : I love poetry. I prefer writing rhymes/poems.

Ques. 3 : Who are your favourite authors ?
Ans. :  Preeti Shenoy, Ravindra Singh, Pratham Devang, Aravind Sampath,
Niranjan, Himanshu Chhabra, Guy de Maussapant and you.

Ques. 4 : What turns you off ?
Ans. :  Pointless arguments. Discrimination and a lot more as such.

Ques. 5 : . In front of whom you are an open book?
Ans. : I am an open book to myself only.

Ques. 6 : What do you do when your mood is off ?
Ans : Whenever my mood turns off I switch on to the music.

Ques. 7 : You fear from ?
Ans : I fear from *human*.

Ques. 8 : When is your next book coming ?
Ans. :  I am done with two novels and a short story collection (unpublished). Let me be free with my exams first afterwards, I am sure you will be getting your answer.

Ques. 9 : Speciality in you.. ??
Ans. : I am a strong headed girl with a brave heart.

Ques. 10: Lalima Yadav in two lines?
Ans. :  ” Lalima is one of the most versatile girl ever. Also,she is the most simplest complex creature ever. ”


Her achievements:
For her book, she received the
congratulations letter from CM
Gujarat Mrs. Anandi Ben Patel. On the auspicious occasion of Uttarakhand Sthapna Divas (9 November 2014) She have been given the award called ‘Vishisht Pratibha Sammaan’ from DM Pankaj Pandey and Education minister Mr.Mantri Prasad Nathani. Moreover, she received the ‘ Award of honor’ from JIE India & Amar Ujala on the occasion of International girl child day.

You can purchase her book from :

She would love for you to check out :

Blog link : https://blogelavee.wordpress.com/



Page : https://m.facebook.com/officiallalimayadav?refid=46&sld=eyJzZWFyY2hfc2lkIjoiMGE0YjU0ZDc0NjA4NTg0ZTA1OGVhZDUzYjc0ZmFmMjIiLCJxdWVyeSI6IkxhbGltYSBZYWRhdiIsInNlYXJjaF90eXBlIjoiU2VhcmNoIiwic2VxdWVuY2VfaWQiOjU1MjkxNTY1NCwicGFnZV9udW1iZXIiOjEsImZpbHRlcl90eXBlIjoiU2VhcmNoIiwiZW50X2lkIjo5NjYxODM0MjAwNjQ5NTQsInBvc2l0aW9uIjoxLCJyZXN1bHRfdHlwZSI6Mjc0fQ%3D%3D

– Nidhi


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