Avni was sitting in her balcony alone waiting for Sahil to text her up.  Since morning she was waiting for Sahil message. Due to their busy schedules actually Sahil’s busy schedule they could not talk properly.  It was Sunday,  her college was off so she was getting more bored.  She decided to go and watch television. She told ammu to make something special with hot coffee.  Ammu meant the whole world to Avni. Avni switched on the television and she saw on some news channel that her father was awarded for something by the Prime Minister of India. Avni was now least interested in knowing for what her dad was being awarded. She switched to another channel. She started watching a movie. She was lost in the movie and someone shouted from behind,  ” SURPRISE “. Avni turned and saw Sahil.  She was having happy tears in her eyes. She hugged Sahil.  Sahil had brought many packets with him.  Avni was confused by seeing so many packets. She was giving a surprise look to Sahil. Sahil said all these are gifts for you sweetheart, I know you are angry on me for not giving you time.  Avni was not so pleased to see these gifts. Avni slowly uttered,  ” Can I share something?  ” Sahil nodded yes.


When I was small my parents were so busy in their works that for a week sometimes I could not even see their faces.  Ammu would only take care of me.  On Sunday,  if by chance they both would  be free they would take me to shopping and buy for me many dresses and toys for me. In short,  they were giving me compensation of not giving me time. When I grew older,  I was now understanding things.  Even I would be ill they would order Amma to take care of my health and take me to best doctor.  They would never give me my share of love and care.  I would cry for all this.  Time was passing.  I was now used to all this.  One day a car hit me.  The people on road took me to the hospital.  I was in serious  condition.  Both of them were informed  but both were attending their important meeting. They told ammu to take care of me. They told they were transferring money and would come return by next night.  I understood that day for my parents business deals and money was more important than me.  Ammu was with me every second. When my parents returned both of them had a fight because the deal went in favor of the company in which my mother was working. My dad was upset and angry.  My father was so angry that he decided to give divorce to my mother.  In my room, I was all alone listening to all this.  I was thinking how can someone be so stupid that just for a deal they are breaking their relation,  spoiling  their life.  I was lost in deep thought and they came to me asking about my decision with whom I would love to stay.  I was shocked to hear this.  Rather than asking about my health they came to ask me such stupid question.  I trie making them understand but both were stubborn.  At last I decided that I will live alone.  I won’t go with anyone of them. They both were trying hard that I must go in their favor but it was my final decision.  They took divorce because of their ego.  Money had made them blind.


Sahil was speechless listening to Avni story.  He had tears in his eyes. Avni further told that both of them would sent gifts to me on special days but I donate them to orphanage without seeing it. I started taking home tuitions and took care of my expenses. I did not take single penny from them.  I started hating them and their money. I have seen worst of my life but Ammu was always beside me.  She was given a huge amount by my parents to take care of me but being just a mere care taker she chose me over money.  She also stopped taking money from them. Today history is repeating itself Sahil.
” Sahil if you won’t give me gifts it would  work but if you don’t give me your time and love,  Avni breaks. I am hurt. ” Avni had tears in her eyes.  Sahil realized his mistakes. He promised that he would give proper time to Avni. He called his dad at that very moment and said now he won’t handle business for few days.  He has two important works that is to study well and the second one he will tell later on.  Sahil was all set to complete his promise. In college also Sahil would stay with Avni. Sahil started taking care of Avni small happiness. Ammu was happy seeing Avni happy.  After 3 years,  Sahil’s dad decided that it’s right time for Sahil to get married as he has completed MBA with good marks.  Sahil asked his dad if he remember about his second important work.  His dad said yes. 
” The second important work is to marry Avni.  ” Sahil said.
Before marriage,  Sahil dad asked Avni if she has some wish.
” I only want Ammu to stay with us forever. I cannot leave her alone.  ” Avni said.
Sahil dad happily agreed and Sahil and Avni got married. Avni lead a happy life with her family. She was now having a complete happy family.

– Nidhi



  1. I agree, having a loving family who gives you their time is more important than money. And I also believe it affects children’s behaviour. I try to regularly go for a coffee with my son (he’s almost 3). I’ll have a cappucino and he’ll have a babycinno. He may not remember it when he grows up but in that moment, when my phone is put away and I have no distractions, he knows he has my undivided attention.


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