“How can she marry someone else ?Raunak was highly depressed.
” Dude, what do you mean by how can she, did she sign any agreement with you that she won’t marry someone else ? ” Karan shouted.
” I love her.” Raunak said.
” So what ? ” , Karan questioned back.
” I have to stop this marriage at any cost. ” Raunak replied.
” No, you can’t. Do you have any guarantee that she also loves you ? ” Karan said.
” Ummm no, but it is my 10 years of love. ” Raunak shouted.
” So, you fell in love with her when you were 12 years old, now you have turned 21. ” Karan said.
Raunak Oberoi, son of Mr. Sanjeev Oberoi who was a good doctor. He was the one of the known doctor of the town. Raunak was studying in medical third year. He was good in studies. Karan was his best friend since childhood.
Nikita Verma, daughter of a bank employer was doing Mass communication. She was studios in studies since childhood. She was Raunak good friend. Raunak loved
her but was scared to tell her.
” I want to talk to Nikita once . ” Raunak pleaded.
” What ? Now you will propose her. ” Karan asked.
” I will share my feelings, just once. Please Karan. ”
Raunak was in tears.
” Calm down.! I will see. I will talk to Nikita first. ” Karan said.
Raunak was sitting alone on terrace and was staring towards Nikita home. After 15 days Nikita was getting
married. Raunak wanted to take Nikita away from the this world. He was angry on his act. He never had
imagined that so soon, Nikita marriage would happen.
Nikita house was filled with guests. Raunak was tensed. He went to his room. He was staring Nikita and his
pictures. He didn’t knew when he slept. With the sun rays he woke up next morning and first word he said ”

Nikita ! Nikita !
* Knock * * Knock *
” Who ? ” Nikita shouted while opening the window.
” Let me come inside, otherwise i will fall from this pipe.” Karan said.
” Come , Come. ” Nikita pulled his hand.
” Are you mad ? ” Nikita angrily said.
” Don’t get angry, it was something important. ” Karan explained.
” Don’t tell me, you and Raunak have again made a plan of night out and want me to join you both. ” Nikita said.
” No, no ! Actually, in our lifes rather than nightouts more things are important. ” Karan explained.
” I don’t feel so. Bacchpaan k yaar ho ( We are childhood friends ). ” Nikita said while laughing.
” Its about your life. ” Karan said.
” My life ? ” Nikita being surprised asked.
” Yes, I need to ask something ” , Karan said.
” What ? ” Nikita questioned.
” Are you happy with this marriage ? ” , Karan straight away asked.
” Yes ” , Nikita said.
” Don’t lie, if you would be happy you would saying yes by looking in my eyes. ” Karan said.
” Now, there is nothing left on which we must talk. ” Nikita said.
” By your marriage many things will be ruined. ” Karan shouted.
” Why ? ” Nikita was surprised to see this Karan today.
” You will spoil three lifes. ” Karan was not able to control himself more. He loved Raunak more than anything else. Raunak was not only Karan’s best friend but he was also a brother to him.
” Can you just explain me how three lifes will be spoilt ? ” Nikita said.
” You are not happy with this marriage clearly shows you love someone else. ” Karan broke a glass on the
floor being angry.
” Yes, I do love someone else. I don’t love Shashank but I have to marry him. Its too late now and if I will share
it won’t make any difference. ” Nikita said with tears in her eyes.
” It will. ” Karan explained.
” As if you people care . ” Nikita said in her heart.
” Nikita beta open the door. ” Mrs.Verma was on door.
” Karan, go.” Nikita was worried hearing her mom voice.
” Meet me at my roof tomorrow at 8pm. I don’t want to listen any excuses. ” Karan said and left the room.
” Mumma, you ? ” Nikita said.
“Beta, I heard some voices and what’s this pieces of glass ? ” Mrs. Verma asked.
” Oh ! My dear mumma, I was in half sleep and by mistake glass fell from my hand.” Nikita said.
” Oh ! Call shanti and remove them. ” Mrs. Verma said and left the room.
” Good night mom ” Nikita shouted.
She peeped through window. Karan was also gone. She thanked god that she was safe. She took out her mobile
and stared at her group picture of three besties i.e Raunak, Karan and Nikita. Next morning Karan went to Rounak home and informed
him all what happened the previous night. Raunak started scolding Karan but inside he was happy that at
least he was getting a chance to talk to Nikita. It was very difficult for Raunak and Nikita. It seemed that the clock has refused to show 8 pm. They both were desperately waiting for the clock to struck 8 in the night. After a long time finally it was 8.
” Mumma, I need to return few things of Karan. I am coming in a while. ” Nikita shouted.
” Ok beta come soon. ” Mrs. Verma said. Nikita entered Karan’s gate. Raunak hid himself. Nikita
directly went to the roof.
” Hello Karan ” Nikita said.
” Hello ” Karan replied.
” Ummmm say ” Nikita replied.
” I don’t have to say anything, you need to say whom do
you love ? ” Karan inquired.
” Its too late Karan ” Nikita said with tears in her eyes.
” Ssssshhh don’t cry Nikki, you know naa you are too special. ” Karan said.
” Hmmm. I know but.. ” Nikita did not even completed and Karan said , ” No but shut now directly say whom do
you love ? ”
” Raunak ” Nikita said in a go.
” What ? ” Karan was amazed. He started dancing.
” What happened ? ” Nikita was confused.
” Wait a minute ! ” Karan said.
” Is nalayak se hi pyaar karti hai na ?( You love this
idiot only) ? ” Karan asked.
” Yes ” Nikita was feeling shy.
” You both are mad. Go and sit there. I am coming with coffee and snacks. ” Karan said. Nikita and Raunak was sitting alone on roof. It was first
time in 21 years that they both were together but they were quiet.
” I love you. ” Raunak said.
” I love you too. ” Nikita replied back.
” Why didn’t you tell earlier ? ” Raunak complained.
” Even you did not tell. ” Nikita said.
” I was afraid to loose you.” Raunak expressed.
” And so was I. ” Nikita replied.
Nikita eyes had tears in them. She herself did not knew that these were happy tears or what. They both clicked
many pictures together.Raunak couldn’t stop himself and he hugged Nikita. Within no second Nikita too was in Raunak arms. She could not hide her emotions more.
Today she was getting that for which she waited for a long time. Raunak lifted Nikita in her arms and took
outside from the shed. They both were beneath the sky. The moon and the stars were glittering. It seemed that they were happy with what was happening on earth.
Raunak kissed Nikita on her cheeks. Slowly slowly his lips moved towards her lips. His lips were on her lips. They
were too close. They both had forgotten the whole world. Both of them had completely surrendered
themselves. They had waited too long for this moment and they did not wanted to waste a second.
Nikita phone was vibrating. She did not even cared to see whose call it was. At that moment she only wanted
sweet moments Raunak.
It was now fifth time when Nikita phone rang. She just saw the name and she departed herself from Raunak. It was call from Shashank.
Raunak felt bad seeing Shashank calling but he remained quiet.
” I am busy, will call later. ” Nikita said and disconnected. She started crying a lot.
” What happened ? ” Raunak asked. He got scared.
” Please go far from me. Please go. ” Nikita said.
Raunak was not getting within few minutes what happened happened to her.Raunak tried to hold Nikita but he stopped. With trembling fingers he kept his hand on her hands and
Nikita started crying more. She hugged Raunak.
” Raunak I committed a big sin. ” Nikita said.
” What ? ” Raunak asked.
” I am getting married in next 13 days and what did I do today. I am cheating Shashank. With Shashank I will
spend my whole life although I don’t have any feelings for him. Raunak we did very wrong. How can I kiss you.
How will I live with this guilt ? ” Nikita expressed.
” I love you, You love me ! Isn’t it enough ? ” Raunak said.
” No ! I have to marry Shashank for my parents sake. I am not that much strong that for my happiness, I will
gift tears to my parents. ” Nikita said and left that place.
Nikita has just stepped four stairs and Raunak shouted.
” Wait a minute Nikita ”
” What ? ” Nikit asked.
” I will talk to your parents. ” Raunak said and he further added that he will talk to his parents too and he will explain Shashank also.
” Please ! I can’t let this happen. I love you and will always love you but I love my parent’s more. ” Nikita
said. Nikita wiped tears from Raunak eyes and hugged him. She did not wanted but her wanted and she kissed
Raunak. Raunak wanted to spend all the time like this but he knew that things were not in their hands.
” Whatever you have decided, I am with you in this. ”
Raunak said and bid a good bye to Nikita. Raunak went to Karan room.
Karan was enjoying coffee with snacks.
” You went to bring coffee and snacks for us and you
are eating alone. Such a big dog you are ! ” Raunak said and puched Karan.
” I did not wanted to disturb you both. ” Karan said.
” Ohh ok ok.. ! I am leaving. Bye ” Raunak said.
” What are you hiding ? ” Karan asked.
” Nothing. ” Raunak replied back.
” I am your brother. I can read everything. ” Karan said angrily.
Raunak narrated the whole incident and started crying.
In the whole span of 21 years Karan had not seen Raunak in such a bad situation. ” I will talk to Nikita. ” Karan said.
” It won’t be of any use. ” Raunak said.
” I don’t know. How can she ? ” Karan asked.
” Why can’t she ? ” Raunak said.
Raunak was not being able to control himself but he had to control because he knew if he showed Karan how
broken he is feeling, Karan can go to any extend. Raunak did not wanted Nikita name to be spoilt.
” Karan, atleast I got a chance to spend some minutes with my love. There are many people who even do not get a chance to express their feelings. I am lucky one. ”
Raunak explained.
” I wish then god must not have given you this much
happiness also. ” Karan said. Raunak was quiet. He knew Karan won’t understand and Raunak in his heart knew Karan was right. Life was
playing games with them. Raunak bid a bye to Karan and went to his home.
” Aa gaya mera beta ( My son has come ) . ” Raunak
mom said. ” Hmm. I am going to room. ” Raunak said.
” Go and get ready. We are invited at Nikita’s home for dinner. ” Raunak mom replied.
” Why ? ” Raunak asked.
” Today Shashank family is coming and Nikita mom has requested our fsmily and Karan family for dinner as
well. I am surprised you don’t know about it. ” Raunak mother said.
” There is nothing you must be surprised of as now Nikita has to give her time to Shashank. Anyways you
people go, I will join with Karan. ” Raunak said and headed towards his room.
” Why god why ?? Why are you doing this to me ? I can’t see Nikita with someone else and you are sending
me everytime near her. ” Raunak was crying. He kissed Nikita photo.
” I know you are someone else. I will try forgetting you but when I did not forget you in 10 years when it was
one sided love how can i forget you now when i know you too love me ? Raunak was too sad.
” Beta we are going. Karan will coming here any minute.
Kindly come early. ” Mrs. Oberoi said.
Before Raunak would say anything he heard Karan mom saying that don’t know what has happened to Karan.
From the time I have returned from parlour he is acting weird.
Raunak knew Karan was very emotional person. Karan
and Raunak would give up their lifes for another one happiness but this time giving up life would not make
them happy. Raunak locked his home and went to Karan’s home.
” Get ready dude. ” Raunak said.
” What ? Are you serious ? ” Karan was surprised.
” Yes, we are going to Nikita’s home. ” Raunak said.
” I won’t. Neither will I let you go. ” Karan shouted.
” You have two option. ” Raunak said.
” What are they ? ” Karan said.
” I am going to bar alone and will drink till i become mad or you accompany me to Nikita’s home. ” Raunak said.
” So bad you are Raunak. You very well know that I won’t let you drink and so you gave me these options. ”
Karan said.
” I am bad very bad… ” Raunak did not wanted to complete this sentence. He turned his face and a drop
of tear fell. Karan was understanding Raunak pain. He decided not to talk about Nikita now.He got ready and
they both went to Nikita’s home.
As soon as they both entered Nikita home they saw they saw Shashank hand on Nikita’s hand.
” Let’s go from here. ” Karan said.
” Pagal your friend is not this much weak. Chill. ”
Raunak said.
” Namaste Aunty and Uncle. ” Raunak and Karan said.
” Beta why are you both late ? ” Mrs. Verma asked.
” It is your best friend wedding. Isn’t it ? ” Mr. Verma asked.
” Best friend. Yes uncle. ” Karan said.
” Sorry uncle, we were just hooked in some work. ”
Raunak faked an excuse.
Nikita could feel how much pain she has given Raunak.
She was in guilt. Raunak was also controlling himself
seeing Shashank and Nikita.
At dinner table Mrs. Verma said ” first you kids have dinner and then we will eat. ”
Shashank, Nikita, Raunak and Karan sat down.
” Baby you have to eat first bite from my hand.” Shashank said.
Nikita was not mentally prepared to face this situation.
Raunak was Karan were surprised. Raunak was not able
to control more.
He stood up. Raunak stood to beat Shashank but Nikita signed a no
to him. Seeing tears in Nikita’s eyes Raunak controlled himself.
” Sorry guyz , I am not well. I will join someother day. ”
Raunak said.
” I am also coming with you. ” Karan said.
” No bro, Nikita too need her friends.” Raunak said.
” I will manage, let Karan join you only. ” Nikita said.
” If Raunak is saying he will manage let Karan stay. I haven’t known your friends. ” Shashank said.
None could speak now.
” Yes, Shashank is right. ” Raunak said and left the place with tears with in his eyes. Karan and Nikita were
tensed. They both knew where will he go. No, Raunak was not such a man who would drink everyday. In life he had drank once when his sister had faced heart break. He couldn’t see his sister in tears. Today Raunak’s own
heart has been broken. How can he digest this ?
Raunak went to the bar. The manager of the bar was amazed to see Raunak because Raunak would usually visit
that place with his friends but he never drank. The manager was surprised seeing Raunak with a glass of wine. Karan signed Nikita to finish this dinner fast as he need to go to Raunak.
” Lets have icecream. ” Nikita said.
” Are you mad ? In this cold weather ? ” Karan said.
” Yes,eating icecream in winters is fun. ” Shashank said.
” Bhai you both eat. I am going. I don’t want to fall ill. ” Karan said.
” Ok bye. ” Nikita said.
” Bye. Have fun. ” Shashank said.
” You wanted to spend time with me alone and so you sent Karan. Isn’t it ? ” Shashank winked.
” No ! Not at all. He fall ill very fast. I care for him. ” Nikita said.
Karan rushed to bar. He was afraid after thinking about Raunak. Karan entered the bar. He tried to find
Rahnak everywhere but Raunak was not there.
” Sir you here ? ” The manager asked.
” Yes. Did Raunak came ? ” Karan asked.
” Yes. ” The manager said.
” Did he drink ? ” Karan questioned.
” Today he drank unlimited glasses. I even told him to stop but he did not listen ” The manager said.
” Where did he go ? ” Karan asked.
” I don’t know. He left the bar 25 minutes ago. ” The manager said.
Karan thanked him and came out of bar. His phone was ringing. It was call from Nikita.
Ï” You stay there. I am coming. ” Nikita said.
” What about Shashank ? ” Karan asked.
” They just left. ” Nikita said and disconnected the call.
Karan was quite tensed. He was worried because Raunak was too emotional and he may take a wrong step. Nikita reached to Karan. They went to every location where they could think that Raunak would be there but they failed. As Karan was driving, Nikita took his cell
and starting calling his friends but Raunak was not there. Raunak phone was switched off. Finally with losen
heart they reached their society. They saw Raunak’s car in parking area. Raunak was inside the car.
Nikita entered in the car.
” Raunak wake up. ” Nikita said.
” Ufff this girl, she is coming in my dreams too. How can she be here ? At this time she would be busy with
that monkey on phone call. ” Raunak murmurred. Nikita pinched Raunak.
“Aaauuchh ” Raunak said.
” What ? ” Nikita said.
” Tu sach mai yaha hai ? ” Raunak asked.
“Let me pinch you once more, then will you believe ? ” Nikita said.
“No ! No ! ” Raunak said.
” Lets go from here. ” Karan said.
” Yes ” Nikita said.
Nikita and Raunak were sitted on back seat and Karan was driving.
They went to their favourite place.
” What are you doing Raunak ?” Nikita asked.
” I can’t see you with Shashank. ” Raunak said.
” What can I do now ? Its too late ! ” Nikita said.
“I know. ” Raunak said.
” Please be with me. Support me. ” Nikita pleaded.
” I will die Nikita. ” Raunak said.
” Please don’t let me live with such a big guilt. ” Nikita said.
” You need to accept the truth. ” Karan said.
” No ! Please ! ” Raunak said.
” See Raunak, I have two options either i marry Shashank or I suicide. I don’t want because of me my
parents listen taunts from society. If i marry Shashank and you will do what you did today then whole life I will
be unhappy. ” Nikita said.
” I need time. ” Raunak said.
” We have last 13 days. Spend with us. Enjoy. ” Karan said.
” umm yes. Drop me home. I need rest. ” Raunak said.
The three of them went to their home with heavy heart because they were afraid what would next morning
bring for them.
” I don’t know what will this boy do ? ” , Nikita showed her concern.
” Don’t worry, everything will be fine. ” Karan consoled.
” Hope so. You know how much I love Raunak but….. ”  Nikita hasn’t completed and a tear fell.
” Hey don’t cry please, somethings are not in our hand. ” Karan explained.
Both of them bid bye to each other and went to their home.
” Where were you ? ” Karan’s mom questioned.
” I was with Raunak and Nikita. ” Karan said.
” Ok ! Have rest ! ” She said and went to her room.
Next morning Karan woke up with voice of Raunak’s mother.
” What happened Aunty ? ” Karan asked.
” Beta, Raunak is not in his room. I thought he is with you but he isn’t. ” Mrs. Oberoi mentioned.
” He went again. ” Karan replied.
” What do you mean by again ? ” Both the ladies questioned.
” Nothing. ” Karan said.
” Speak up beta ” Mrs. Oberoi cried.
” Have patience aunty we will find Raunak at any cost. I won’t let anything happen to my best friend. ” Karan promised.
Karan narrated the whole story to her mother as well as Mrs. Oberoi. He even told about the previous night.
” Oh my god ! You people should have told us. Nikita’s mother is our good friend. We must have talked. ”
Karan’s mother scolded.
” They are right. Nikita’s parent will understand this but not Shashank’s parents. They will make many talks
about them in this society. Nikita can’t see this all. She is such an innocent child. I don’t believe she loved my
idiot son. ” Mrs. Oberoi replied back.
” I am going. You people do inform if you find Raunak. ” Karan said and went from there.He called Nikita.
” This boy will kill me. I am telling you. ” Nikita screamed.
” Please be quiet. ” Karan consoled her. They again went to every possible places but this time it
was no joke. Raunak was no where found. It has been eight hours since Raunak was not there. They finally
decided that they must inform police as this would be a
last effort. Mrs. Oberoi’s phone rang. She saw her mother-in-law
calling. She was afraid to pick up the call because she could not hide this from Raunak’s grand mother and if
she tells them may be they cannot handle this pain. With stammering voice she picked up the call.
” Now I can proudly say, my daughter-in-law is also
knowing to give surprises. ” The voice from another side came.
” What surprise ? ” Mrs. Oberoi wondered.
” Don’t act ! You sent Raunak here so that we don’t feel lonely and you are questioning what surprise.”
Raunak grandmother said.
” Raunak is there. ” Mrs. Oberoi was relaxed.
” Yes he is. I am keeping now. I need to make dishes of my grandson’s choice. ” The old lady said and
All of them were relaxed.
” I am sorry Aunty. ” Nikita said.
” Beta, its not your fault ! Its all destiny ” Mrs. Oberoi explained her.
“I can not understand how can Raunak go there all alone. ” Karan objected.
” Its good , he is far from here. May be he doesn’t wanna to see all this. ” Karan’s mother assured.

Nikita used to miss Raunak. She used to cry remembring that night. Karan was all alone. He wanted to go to
Raunak but Raunak has ordered Karan to stay with Nikita as she needs him more. Karan agreed to this.
Everyone in Nikita’s and Shashank’s family were doing preparations. All were excited. Nikita was nervous. She
was hiding such a big secret from the man she will be spending her life with. She was confused. She decided
to leave the things on destiny.
One night before her wedding Nikita decided to message Raunak.
” Hello Raunak. I hope you are good. You did not messaged me once after going there. So bad you are.
Anyways I am getting married tomorrow. Please take care of yourself. I will miss you always. Accept the truth and get married to someone else. Don’t give pain to your parents because of me. They are precious. Even after knowing the truth your mother supported me. I
love you. This may be my last I love you to you but some things are not in our hands. Bye. ” Nikita took a deep breath after sending this message.
She did not knew how would Raunak react but she was feeling like a burden has gone from her heart.
” Don’t worry baby. I was too late i know. I have forgotted about that evening when we confessed our love. I have accepted that you are Mrs. Nikita Shashank Arora. Need not worry about me. Lead a happy life. That evening was just a stupid dream of mine. Bye. I won’t say I love you because you are someones’ else now.
“Raunak typed this message and sent. He wanted to show Nikita that he is happy because he knew if he would be sad Nikita can take a wrong step. He was smiling to show the world. Next day everyone was happy. Nikita also had accepted the fact. It was Nikita’s wedding day. Raunak went back to his home because he wanted to show everyone that he is ok.
” Dude you back ? ” Karan was surprised.
” Yes, after all it is my best friends birthday. ” Raunak exclaimed. Karan and everyone was surprised to see a different Raunak today. They were amazed. Although everyone was happy. Raunak was doing so well acting of being happy that neither his mother nor Karan could feel that Raunak was still in a lot of pain.
” Lets go to Nikita’s home. It will be surprise for her too. ” Raunak cheered.
Raunak and Karan headed towards Nikita’s home.
” You don’t show me your face. ” Nikita’s mother groaned.
” Sorry aunty but grand maa misses me. See today i am here. I will be here whole day helping you. Forgive your hero. ” Raunak said.
” Ok go and meet Nikita. ” Mrs. Verma said and went to see other arrangments.
” Surprise.. ” Raunak shouted.
” You here ? ” Nikita was amused.
“Why you don’t wanted me to be here. Its my best friends wedding. Common yaar. Don’t be so shocked. ” Raunak convinced.
Nikita hugged Raunak. Raunak didn’t want to but he wanted to show them that he was ok.
” Karan order our pizza. ” Raunak ordered.
The three of them enjoyed to the fulliest. It was now time Nikita to get ready as Raunak and Karan bid bye to her and promised that they will come soon after wearing their shervani.
Everyone was happy.
” Are you ready ? ” Raunak questioned.
” Yes bhai you are so excited. There is something fishy. ” Karan replied.
” There is nothing fishy. You will get to eat fish in the wedding party. Now lets go. ” Raunak sarcastically commented.
Karan was feeling there was something wrong but then he remained quiet because many times his assumptions were wrong. Verma Mansion was so beautifully decorated and Nikita was looking just like a royal princess. Shashank’s family came with band baaja and baarat at time. Both the families were happy. Nikita’s sisters were making plans of stealing Shashank’s shoes. It was now time to exchange garlands. Nikita looked at Raunak. He was smiling. She had tears but she had to control herself as it was too late. All the ceremonies were done with proper rituals. It was now time to take seven circumambulations. Shashank and Nikita took seven vows. It was now time that Shashank had to make Nikita wear mangalsutra. After that the last ritual was left. Shashank has to put the red colour vermilion in the parting of hairs. ” Now you both are husband and wife. Go and take blessings of elders. ” The pandit ji said. Raunak had now tears in his eyes. He excused himself from there and went to a corner and cried to the fulliest. As soon as he saw Karan coming he started moving towards the garden.
” Go meet your friend. She will be going in fer minutes.” Mr. Verma said. Raunak and Karan went to Nikita. She was crying.
” Don’t cry na. ” Raunak uttered.
“I am okay. ” Nikita said.
Raunak could not say anything further and Mrs. Verma came to take Nikita.
” She has to go. You both come down too. ” Mrs. Verma said.
” We are coming aunty. ” Karan said.
” Take care of yourself Nikki. Never eat pizza alone. Miss us always. ” Karan said and hugged Nikita. She
started giggling.
” Take care. Stay happy. Accept Shashank. Forget your love Raunak but don’t dare to forget your bestest friend Raunak. ” Raunak said. A drop of tear fell from his eyes. He left the room.
” Karan please be with Raunak always. Take care of him.” Nikita instructed.

It was time for Nikita to bid a bye to her family, her relatives, her friends and to her Verma Mansion. Everyone blessed Nikita and Shashank with tears in their eyes and they both left the place to enter Arora Mansion to start a new life with new members.
******** THE END. *******
I know all of you wanted Nikita and Raunak to be together at end but you all know Life is not bed of roses. Its not some fairy tales. Living in this society a girl has to think first abour her respect, her parents, their reputation rather than her own happiness. Many people sacrifice their love. Sacrificing is another name of love. Isn’t it ?
Many girls like Nikita dream to live their life with Raunak but they end up living with the man their family chose. Raunak can never go out from Nikita’s heart neither Nikita will go from Raunak heart. Most of you would be having that one man or girl in your life with whom you want to spend your life, you must have spent some romantic moments too but its all destiny. We can’t change it. Somethings are never in our hand. Togetherness of Nikita and Raunak was not in their hands. It may lead to many bad things.



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