” I love Aman ” Rashi wrote these words in her diary.
She was about to close her diary and her phone beeped.
“Call me, I don’t have balance. ” Daksh texted.
“This idiot never has balance. ” Rashi murmured and called him.
” What are you doing?  ” Daksh asked.
” For asking this,  you told me to call you up.  ” Rashi faked anger.
” No no.  I was getting  bored.  ” Daksh replied.
” Am I clown?  ” Rashi said.
” Today I realised something.  ” Daksh said.
” What?  ” Rashi questioned.
” If our numbers  would be postpaid,  everyone would doubt us for sure seeing how many times a day we talk.  ” Daksh said laughing.
” Yes stupid. You know you are special  ” Rashi said.
” I know,  I know.  ” Daksh said.
” So you love Aman?  ” Daksh teasingly asked.
” Yes” Rashi said.  Her cheeks has gone pink.
She was talking to Daksh and someone patted her shoulder.
” Daksh are you mad?  You here?  ” Rashi said.
” Yes,  I was about to come your home but I did not  had petrol in my bike so you know while walking,  I want someone to talk while talking. ”  Daksh laughing said.
” Such an idiot you are.  ” Rashi irritatingly said.
” So what are your plans for tomorrow?  ” Daksh inquired.
” I am single. ” Rashi said.
” In which birth will you speak your feelings?  ” Daksh asked.
” This one only  ” Rashi said.
” You know I heard many girls talking about Aman.  Many of them have plans to propose Aman.  ” Daksh said seriously.
” What if he accept any one of them?  ” Rashi worryingly asked.
” Don’t be late.  Pour out your feelings.  ” Daksh said and bid Rashi good bye as Rashi can catch his lie if he remains there few more minutes.
Daksh knew that Rashi would finally speak out her feelings as she is scare to see Aman with someone else.


The next morning Rashi woke up and again Daksh words started hitting her ears.
” Can you come to pick me up today for tution at 5  ” Rashi texted Aman.
” Yes,  of course, be ready.  ” Aman replied back.
Rashi rushed to the nearest florist and bought roses of all colours. Her parents were out for meeting that they would be returning by night.  Rashi had finally decided she will face the consequences but she won’t step back without trying.
She decorated her whole room with the choices of Aman. Rashi knew everything about Aman,  his likes and dislikes.  Finally, the room was decorated.  She had now half an hour in her hands.  She got ready. She dressed in Aman’s favourite colour. Rashi checked herself in mirror,  she was looking perfect. She was now waiting for Aman.  Till the time Aman did not arrive she once checked the room and once herself in the mirror if everything was perfect.  She got a call from Aman.
” Where are you?  ” Aman asked.
” I need ten minutes,  please come inside.  ” Rashi said and disconnected.
Aman had no choice rather than going inside. Rashi every friend used to come to her house so Aman knew Rashi’s room.  He went directly towards her room. He was surprised to see the room.  It was well decorated. Rashi was hidden behind the door. Aman was amazed to see everything.
” Aman. ” Rashi whispered. Aman turned back.  There was a shine on Rashi’s face.
” I love you Aman.  I waited too long to tell you my feelings. I am ready to accept the truth but I do not want to just let you go. I truly love you Aman.  For me you and your happiness matters a lot.  I don’t know what you have in your heart but I love you. ” Rashi said all her feelings in one go.
Her eyes got wet and she turned her face.  She did not wanted Aman to sympathize on her.
” I am ready.  Let’s go.  ” Rashi said.
She started collecting her files and keeping it in her bag. She felt a hand on her shoulder.  She knew it was Aman.  Slowly both his hands went down from shoulder to waist and he hugged Rashi from behind.  Rashi wanted to capture this moment forever.
” I love you too Rashi.  ” Aman whispered in her ears.
Rashi could not believe her ears. She thought that she was just dreaming but it was truth.  She turned her face and hugged Aman more tightly.  She wanted the time to stop there itself.
“Aman..” Rashi paused..
Aman gazed at her,She looked insecured,He didn’t ask but gazed..
“You really love me?” Rashi stammered her insecured interrogation..
Aman just gripped her palm tight and stared into her eyes.

“You know what?”Aman,Breaking the silence.
“What…” Rashi was in dillema,She firmed his hand tighter.
“I am angry on you,You ruined my all plans I made for 14th feb.. I was about to get down on my knees before you..

kisi ne saach hi kaha, Ladies first!..But they never said Ladies are fast too!” Aman winked..
That evening enveloped their love,Safe.


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