About Author :
Anjali Kirpalani is a 25 year old dreamer and NEVER SAY NEVER is her debut novel. Born in India, she lived in South Africa for 8 years and returned to Mumbai in 2008. Writing has been the one constant in her life. She is currently working with ET NOW.

Review :

” NEVER SAY NEVER ” is a novel written by Anjali Kirpalani and published by Grapevine India. While reading this novel, there will be mixture of emotions going inside you. The cover of the novel is pink but trust me it is the best piece to be read by all teenagers even for male. The story evolves around a girl Nikita Kumar who is 25 years old but is unemployed. She is very much confused in her life. She was planning to make 10 resolutions but ended up making 6. She was in relationship with someone else and she loved some one else. Life was playing many games with Nikita. Her hard work was not replying back. She was still jobless. After a long time, she met one of her friend and they became best friends. When Nikita’s boyfriend proposed her for marriage, she accepted.
This book has many ups and downs in its chapter. Many secrets would be opened one by one. You will be hooked up till end to finish the suspence.
The author of the book has written it in a very simple language. It is a best read for all teenagers as many of them would be going through this phase.

To know what were Nikita’s 6 resolutions ?
Did she fulfill all ?
Did she get job ?
Whom did she finally married ?

My overall rating : 5/5
Language : English
Publisher : Grapevine India

Buy it. Read it. I am sure you will thank me for this.

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