Megha’s clasmates {girls} were at her home as they were having girls get together. It started raining heavily outside.
” Its raining i wish if we 2 were together dancing in
rain. ” Megha texted her love Raj. She was waiting for his reply and suddenly message popped just feel we both are together and enjoy the rain but inside the home sweetheart. Don’t be sad dear you know when you get wet you suffer from cold, cough and from fever also so stay at home.
Megha could see Raj’s care and love in his text.
” But i became ill only once. ” Megha texted.
” For my sake don’t go outside. ” Raj replied back and Megha could not deny now. All her friends started saying to go out in rain.
Megha refused as Raj had told her  not to get wet in rain.  All her friends were continuously insisting and at last Megha had to agree.
Oh my god it was raining heavily and they were enjoying the rain suddenly Megha saw Raj’s car infront of her house. Seeing him tears rolled down she knew they  would have a huge fight.  She was thinking he would meet her and go but seeing her wet
he turned the car and left the place. He was driving so rashly that Megha got scared.All friends came inside and had chips and coffee. Megha changed her clothes and took her cell and dialled Raj’s number. His phone was switched off. Megha was feeling helpless. She was trying again and again but it was switched off.  Megha sent him many messages thinking when he would switch on she
would get delivery report and she would  call him. Megha very well knew  Raj’s anger.  Megha was crying holding her teddy. She did not eat her dinner also and was just holding her cell.  She was not able to remove her eyes from it. The whole India would  be sleeping  at that time.  It was 2:00 am when Raj switched on his mobile. 
Megha wiped her tears and dialled his number.
He disconnted the call.
She messaged him to at least listen to her once.
” I don’t want to talk to you and kindly don’t disturb. ” Raj replied and switched off his mobile.
She was cursing herself for the mistake. With tears in her eyes she slept. Next day she was not able to wake up. She was suffering from high feaver.
” Mom, why didn’t you wake me up.  I had my school.  ” Megha shouted.
” I tried waking you up but you were having fever. So take rest. Go and brush your teeth till then I am bringing your breakfast.  ” Megha’s mother said and left the room. Megha became sad as she missed the chance to talk to Raj. She dialled his number but it was switched off.
She dialled khushi number and  she received.  Khushi started abusing Megha for not coming to school. She even complained that if it was a plan of your and Raj to take a holiday  you could have informed me too.” Khushi was screaming.
“We did not planned to take a leave,  its a coincidence.  I am suffering from high fever and I don’t know about Raj.” Megha said and disconnected  the call.
Megha had her breakfast and messaged Raj good morning. I am sorry. 
Message delivered.
Megha had a smile on her face. After two minutes, phone buzzed.
A new message from Raj.
Tears rolled down from Megha eyes. She was not able to reply. She dialled his number. It was switched off. She threw her cell and locked herself in the room.  Megha cannot miss her tution so she got ready. She had to go alone as she knew Raj would not come to pick her up.  She reached her tution and what she saw Raj was already present there. Seeing him smile came on her face.
One  batch was going inside and rest of the student had not came so Megha and Raj were alone there. She held Raj’s hand
and tears rolled down.
She was crying still he did not talk to her. She was not able to concentrate on her studies in tution.  After tution she was searching for auto. Raj came to her.
“Sit in the car i will drop you.  ” Raj said.
Megha could not refuse.  Raj was driving. Megha was not able to utter a word still she said sorry.
He started shouting.
Tears were flowing from Megha’s eyes.  She held his hand and  don’t know what happened to him. He
stopped the car,  hugged her tight,  kissed her cheek and wiped her tears.
She was surprised from this reaction. He said,  ” I am sorry for making you cry.  ” She did not utter a word.
” How is your fever?  “He asked.
” I am good.  ” Megha said.
” Don’t  be suprised, Khushi told me” He said.
They both went to a restaurant and he silently whispered,  ” I know you haven’t eaten since last night but do not eat here much.  ”
She started laughing. He dropped her home and messaged her ” I am sorry,  I love you.  “


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