” Yeaaa yeaaa finally its Delhi University. ” Kanika was shouting at top of her voice. She was as much happy as if dog has got two tails. It was hard for her if she got admission in Delhi University. She was all set to study in one of the best college in North Campus. She packed all her bags. But somewhere her mother heart was not allowing  her to send far away for studies but then it was matter of her daughter’s good education. She was scared but she was strong too. She decided to be enough strong in and out. Kanika was all set to catch the train. She could imagine how Delhi would be. Kanika seemed too happy and so were her parents. She was on cloud nine. She reached station on time and was waiting for Bihar Samparkh Kranti. The train arrived on time and she bid a bye to her family. She was too excited to reach Delhi. As Delhi was coming near she was getting scared. She did not knew any one there. She does not know how people’s behavior would be towards her. Kanika lived in a small town of Bihar but she had big dreams. She took deep breath and kept her first step at Delhi. She took a taxi and reached to her hostel. She could not believe what was in the front of her eyes. Hardly any girl was wearing suit. Everyone was in shorts or jeans. As soon as the girls saw Kanika they all started laughing. On each floor girls were passing comments on her. Kanika got teary eyes. She had no one whom she can hug. She was badly missing her mother. She reached to her room. She looked herself in mirror. A simple girl wearing suit with oily hairs and two pony tails was not accepted in Delhi. She was thinking all this and her phone beeped.
” Hello, maa I have safely reached here. ” Kanika said.
” Beta , I hope you are ok. ” Her mother inquired.
” Yes” Kanika said. ( She was crying hard )
” Mumma, I am all ok. You don’t worry. I have my class. I will call you later. ” Kanika said and disconnected the call. She did not gave her  mother a chance to speak further.
Kanika was scared to enter college. She already had a very bad experience in hostel. She got ready and headed towards college. It was difficult for her to find her class but she found. As she entered the class numerous of comments started coming from every corner. She took her seat. She was sitting on first bench all alone. She tried talking to few but no one was interested to talk to her. She had never dreamt that DELHI would be so bad. Few days passed but still people behavior were same. She used to cry all alone. In such a big town she was alone. Kanika tried her best to forget all this and concentrate on studies and she made it possible. She joined tuitions. She now was properly attending classes. The comments and taunts did not affect her anymore. Her full concentration was on studies. People was seeing different Kanika now. They were puzzled. The final examination was near. She had decided by hook or by crook she need to get good marks. Finally it was days of examination. Her exams had gone perfectly fine. After exams she decided to go to her home in holidays. She was feeling as she was free from jail. She was dancing. She reached her village. From the love she was away since last one year she was now getting it. Mother’s love , father’s care , friends understanding and trust. These were the lifelines of  Kanika. Kanika came to know that her results has been announced. She went to the nearest cyber cafe of her village. She was on heaven seven seeing her results. She had topped in her university. She had to return to her college. With teary eyes she returned to her college. She was amazed to see people nature. The boys and girls who did not wanted to see her face was coming to congratulate her and wanted to become her friend. She was  grinning like cheshire cat seeing all this. She realized that look or fashion doesn’t matter. In the end it is talent through which you can keep whole world beside you.


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