Ananya was pleading. She was crying hard. “Vishal please don’t leave me”. ” I don’t want to live with
you that’s it.” Vishal angrily said. “But please atleast tell me my mistake what have I done.” Anaya said.
“I don’t want to talk to you.” Vishal was shouting.
” But why? Atleast you tell me my mistake.” Ananya was continuously questioning.
“You don’t deserve to know your mistake.” Vishal said in harsh tone.
” Do you love some one else ?” Ananya scarely asked.
“YES!” Reply came from another side.
“Vishal please.. ” Ananya requested.
“Don’t irritate me.” Vishal in frustation said.
” I won’t, just tell me the reason why are you breaking up with me, why are you leaving me ? ” Ananya curiously asked.
“You are selfish.” Vishal shouted.
” What ? ” Ananya was shocked.
” Yes, you are. ” Vishal repeated.
” What have I done? Why you are giving me such a title. Tell me any such incident that proves me
selfish.  ” Ananya was not able to digest this.
“Everytime you want a status for yourself despite knowing my mood.” Vishal said.
” I didn’t know that your mood was off. ” Anaya uttered.
“You don’t know anything.” Vishal’s anger was rising.
“I have done the biggest mistake of my life when I came in relation with you. ” Vishal continued.
” Why ? ” Ananya asked.
“I do not know and now leave me or I will abuse you. ” Vishal said.
“Do it ! ” Ananya was shocked seeing this Vishal.
“Let me tell you one thing that what all has happened with you in past was all right.” Vishal had lost his senses.
” What ? It means you are telling me that when I was betrayed by my best friend that was right, i deserved that? When my uncle tried to do harass me, was it right ? ” Ananya was deeply hurt.
“You deserved that. ” Vishal said.
” Will you never love me again ? ” Ananya asked.
“NO ! ” Vishal answer was.
“Will you give shoulder to my dead body ? ” Ananya thought may be this question would take away Vishal anger but the reply from another side was  I do not want to see your face again.
” Bye ! your idiot Anaya is saying last words: I love you. ” Ananya texted him.

Ananya in her room: I do not know my mistake I do not know how, I have hurt Vishal, I do not know
why he is leaving me. He promised that he will never leave me I don’t want to live. How can he say that whatever happened with me in past was all right ? She had never dreamt that she would hear all this from Vishal’s mouth. She plugged in her earphones with full volume and was listening to “BHULA DENA MUJHE” and went on a busy road and
the moment she was waiting, she was hit by a truck. She had a smile on her face and the last words she spoke were : I LOVE YOU VISHAL! I WAS TOTALLY HURT ! WE HAD THIS MUCH TIME ONLY !
And she closed her eyes forever ! Vishal came to knew about Ananya. He was cursing himself for
every word he said to her. He did not say anything by heart. It was all his anger spoke but now he
could not do anything.

P.S  I request boys like Vishal that atleast tell your girl her mistake and think before speaking.

I request girls like Ananya that you lived your life before Vishal entered your life so why not after he left you .?

Suicide is not a
solution to every problem. If you are ending your life it means you are a coward.


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