When I was born she had to suffer so much pain because I was not delivered normally, i came on this planet by operation. Days passed I was growing. Whenever I would have fever she used to stay awake whole night caring for me. She used to make me sleep then only she used to even have her lunch or dinner.  The best play school in my town was far away from my house. My mother used to take me with her in morning and then she would sit alone in the park waiting for my school to get over. Now you must be thinking why didn’t she returned back ? My dad could not afford Rs. 320 just on travelling so my mother used to sit
there for 4 hours and lessen my dad’s burden. What I love to have in lunch or dinner was more important to her rather  than what  they like. She used to come to school to drop me and even pick me up. Every Sunday my parents used to take me out. When my dad used to get salary he used to bring dozens of clothes for me. Although I belong to a middle class family i was brought up like princess. I was so addicted to television that my parents disconnected the cable when i was in 2nd class. It has been 8 long years they did not watched television for the sake of my studies. When i cleared 12th with 86% they were the happiest person on this earth. When i used to return from school by seeing my face she could guess if i am in a good mood or not. I do not have my own brother or sister so i used to fight with her,scold her and play with her. My every birthday was celebrated as if it was my first birthday. They are so special to me that i am falling short of words. I am blessed to have such parents.


– Nidhi


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