Why god why ??
Why god ?
Why did you snatch children of innocent parents ?
Tell us who will call them ammi or abbu ?
Tell us whom will those old grand parents love ?
With whom will they play ?
With whom will those old couple share their childhood stories ?
Tell us God to whom will those sister tie rakhi ?
Tell us god to whom will those brother give gifts ?
God tell us. Speak up.
Do you have the answers for all the above questions ?
120 childrens were killed.
For what ?
Did any one of them do anything?
Did 120 parents whose children have died did anything wrong that you gave them such a big punishment ?

God this was totally unfair.
If you really exist, then you should have stopped all this.
There would be many houses where there would be only one child. You made that family childless.
This was totally unacceptable.
If 16th of December is such a bad day then end this day but don’t force us to lose hopes on humanity. Let a year have only 364 days only.
People have not forgotten Damini’s rape case and now this has happened.

I am very far from those families but it seems like it just has happened in front of my eyes. People need to accept death but it is only acceptable if it comes naturally and not because of any hatred.
People have to die one day and we can only request them to not to ruin other lives just because of revenge.

This is a lifetime pain for all. Why god why ?

We all here need answer to it. Elders say God exist. If you really exist so prove it God that you exist !

– Nidhi


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